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Gonamena (a play by Simon Parker)

Slideshow of rehearsals and backstage pictures of Gonamena (a play by Simon Parker). Pictures include The Linkinhorne Band of Hope, the chorus and most of the main characters. I didn't manage to get any pictures of the "Old Girls".

Printable copies of the pictures are available.

If you have any more suitable captions, or if you'd like your picture removed from the web please let me know.

Index of Slides: Gonamena

01/16 Linkinhorne Band of Hope
02/16 Linkinhorne Band of Hope
03/16 Chorus warming up
04/16 Backstage with the cast
05/16 Those Bench Boys
06/16 Flora. One of life's luxuries?
07/16 A very dirty apron
08/16 The three Simons
09/16 Sarah Pym warns against complacency
10/16 Waiting to start
11/16 Miriam Crago
12/16 Grizzler and Clymo Budge
13/16 Davey Crago and some showbiz characters
14/16 Simon Harvey gets the cast working together
15/16 Backstage
16/16 Final Ovation
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