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Henry Rice, Victorian Architect in Liskeard

Westbourne House, Liskeard, designed by Victorian architect Henry Rice.


Liskeard prospered in the Victorian era. Part of its wealth was due to the mines on the nearby moors. Henry Rice, a Victorian architect, has left a lasting impression on the town of Liskeard through his designs and buildings.

"The Henry Rice Album" (by George Vaughan-Ellis et al) is now available (price 8.00) from Stuart House, Barras Street, Liskeard and The Bookshop, Barras Street Liskeard. The album contains many colour pictures, and the results of detailed research by George Vaughan-Ellis RIBA.

The following slideshow contains twelve pictures of Henry Rice buildings. If you are interested in finding out more about Henry Rice, and Victorian Liskeard, the Henry Rice Album is a good guide.

Gonamena (a play by Simon Parker)

Gonamena: a play by Simon Parker. Here are some pictures of backstage, warming up and the final ovation at Sterts Theatre. Simon Dobson and the chorus are pictured here.


A successful and popular production depicting moorland life as the get rich mining mentality battled with conventional family wisdom in a time of social change (19th century), desperation and upheaval: "a timeless tail", including, tragedy, normality, humour, songs and some good reviews.

Gonamena Farmhouse, the setting of the domestic scenes in Simon Parker's play, still stands at the top of the Seaton River Valley, and looks down on the spoil heaps and engine houses that made up the South Caradon and the West Caradon Mines.

Phoenix 100 Day (Minions 10/06/2009)

Phoenix United Mine, Linkinhorne Parish, Prince of Wales Shaft Site. From left to right: mill engine house, mill boiler house, compressor engine house, boiler house, winding engine house, boiler house and pumping engine house.


On 10th June 2009 celebrations to commemorate the starting of the last great Cornish designed steam engine to be installed in a Cornish tin mine (Phoenix United Mine: Prince of Wales Shaft Site) took place at Minions.

The following slideshow records some images from the day and includes the star turn of the day: the Trevithick Society's replica "Puffing Devil". The original "Puffing Devil" was the first self powered road vehicle in Britain and was designed by Cornishman Richard Trevithick.

South Phoenix Mine (Minions)

Houseman's Pumping Engine House. The Minions Visitor Centre


Some pictures of the South Phoenix Mine near Minions (S.E. Cornwall). The pictures were taken in March 2009 and try to show some of the surface features associated with mining and tin dressing.

Houseman's Pumping Engine House is the Minions visitor centre, and the south east corner of Bodmin Moor is part of the Cornwall and West Devon World Heritage Site.

Winter Surfing at Portwrinkle

Surfing at Portwrinkle between the squalls of a winter afternoon


A squally winter afternoon and some enthusiastic surfers (pictures for Amy).

Boconnoc Steam Fair

Traction engine at Boconnoc Steam Fair


Back by popular demand: pictures from the Boconnoc Steam Fair and Traction Engine Rally.

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