Maritime Mix, Weymouth 2012 Cultural Olympiad: Street Entertainers

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Maritime Mix, Weymouth 2012 Cultural Olympiad: Street Entertainers

Street entertainers performing in Weymouth as part of the Cultural Olympiad in Weymouth 2012.

The Street Entertainment (for the period of the 2012 Olympics) was organised by the Arts Council to represent a diversity of musical styles. The "Maritime Mix" ( is a part of the Cultural Olympiad. There are four official busking/entertainment pitches: at Weymouth Station, the Jubilee Clock Tower on the Esplanade, outside St. Mary's and in Hope Square.

For a list of other Cultural Olympiad events in the South West: South West Cultural Olympaid

Thankyou to members of the Maritime Mix team from the Arts Council, the staff of Redlands Sports Hub, to the street entertainers and to those who encouraged music on the streets of Weymouth by giving generously.

Carlton Crouch (08/2012)

Weymouth Olympic Street Entertainers 2012 and Sites

01/19 The Ukelele Girls: Sweet sounds for the summer.
02/19 Anna and Will: Swinging "Hot Club" music and more contempory tunes by Queen and the Beatles for example.
03/19 Anna and Will (Hope Square).
04/19 Anna and Will (Hope Square).
05/19 Nick Tann: chilled out guitar for the summer (at St. Mary's).
06/19 Carlton Crouch playing Cornish dance tunes, Elizabethan dances and Handel.
07/19 The Olympic Rings outside Weymouth Station (street entertainment starts at 10 O'clock).
08/19 The Clock Tower on The Esplande (street entertainment starts at 10 O'clock).
09/19 Maritime Mix HQ and Information Centre on St. Thomas St. (near the King's Statue).
10/19 Ed Graves (Guitar) at St. Mary's featuring finger tapping guitar and percussive guitar.
11/19 Ed Graves (Guitar) at St. Mary's featuring finger tapping guitar and percussive guitar.
12/19 Sarah de Warren at St. Mary's: chilled piano and vocals.
13/19 Sarah de Warren at Weymouth Station: chilled piano and vocals.
14/19 Afro Ninja at St. Mary's: original songs and covers (including popular versions of Red Hot Chile Pepper's songs).
15/19 Afro Ninja in Hope Square.
16/19 Trafalgar Drummer at St. Mary's: Costumes and performance based on the 1802 - 1815 period.
17/19 Carlton in Hope Square: Cornish Dance tunes on a variety of recorders (thankyou Rebecca for the picture).
18/19 Carlton in Hope Square: various tunes on the soprano sax (thankyou Rebecca for the picture).
19/19 Carlton at Weymouth Station: 'Thankyou and have a good day' (thankyou to man at the station for the picture).

Maritime Mix: Street Entertainers Web Links

The Ukelele Girls: A Ukelele and a Song...
Anna and Will: Anna and Will on Souncloud
Nick Tann
Carlton Crouch: Carlton's Music Website
Afro Ninja: Afro Ninja
Sarah de Warren: Sarah's bigraphy and video
Ed Graves Kashmir (on You Tube)
The Trafalgar Drummer: The Trafalgar Drummer

Cornish Links

Cornish Mining World Heritage
Sterts Theatre
The Liskerrett Centre, Liskeard.
Stuart House, Liskeard

Carlton's Photo Website
Carlton's Music Website

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